Wood Rot Repair

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Wood Rot Repair Services

Wood Rot can be a common issue in Colorado due to our high winds and heavy rainfall near the front range. Hail damage and curling shingles can often lead to rotten wood underneath your roof which also leads to roof leaks. Addressing your wood rot issues before they become a bigger problem could save you money in the long run!

What Should I Expect With Wood Rot Repair?

Depending on the severity of your wood rot issue, we may be looking at a simple repair project and replacing a section of shingles and underlayment, or we may be looking at a whole roof replacement. Starting with a roofing inspection, we will help you identify your best options for repairing the problem.

When Should I Fix Wood Rot?

Wood Rot can be a common issue here in Colorado, but it often goes unnoticed for quite some time before being addressed, which can make the problem or reapir job much worse. If you already know you have wood rot issues, it is best to fix it as soon as possible to prevent further rotting or roof leaks that may also lead to other damages in your home.

How Much Does Wood Rot Repair Cost?

Wood Rot repair can be a costly procedure based on the scale of the problem and how much of the roof system is affected by the rotting. When replacing a single sheet of underlayment, the project can still; be fairly large due to the shingle replacement process and the procedures associated with getting the repaired section of roof integrated with the rest of the roof. This is why many Wood Rot related jobs become roof replacement jobs as the homeowners’ insurance deductible may be less than the cost of just the repair.


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