Cameron grew up on Colorado home building sites, graduating from broom duty to a spot on a crew framing custom homes at the age of 17. Two years later Cameron became a Crew Lead and shortly thereafter a Superintendent. A headhunter working for Centex Homes found Cameron and lured him away to a $400M project where he moved quickly from the Assistant Superintendent position to the Superintendent position while managing 30 consecutive builds at a time and 400 subcontractors; this is where Cameron learned how to manage people and succeed under pressure. Following this, he went on to own a successful multimillion-dollar company, before selling it to focus on managing Gen 3 Roofing.

Because of his comprehensive background in the construction trades, Cameron brings a thorough understanding of roofing and a hands-on leadership approach. He values the importance of investing in his company and his people, always looking for ways to bring continuous improvement.

Cameron and his family enjoying living in the country where they can hay more than half of their property and ride motorcycles. When not at home, you may find the Hummells hiking, snowboarding, or at sporting events.

Office: 303-923-5039