Storm season is upon us and your roof is very vulnerable to damage. If you experience a storm in your area, chances are you may see obvious signs of damage, like pings on your car and dents in your siding. But hail, wind, and falling debris can also cause significant damage to your home’s roof, and often, it’s not so obvious. Every year, the cost of repairing hail damage alone in the United States averages close to $1 billion, according to the Rocky Mountain Insurance Information Institute  Storm damage is not always visually evident, but can dramatically shorten the lifespan of your roof. A significant percentage of roofs that are hit by storms never get replaced, because homeowners don’t see the damage. But if the damage is there, your insurance company will most likely pay to replace your entire roof, gutters and siding, provided it’s correctly assessed and that you act quickly to ensure your claim is filed within their limited claim period.

Storm Damage: What to Look For

Insurance adjusters will require the opinion of a professional roofing contractor before they will approve the roof repair/replacement, but there are a few basic things you can look for that will indicate damage to your roof. Remember to be careful and, if you suspect your roof is damaged, contact a trained professional for verification.

Check All Areas on Your Roof

Check these susceptible areas on your roof for immediate signs of hail damage:

  • Soft metal: Check roof vents, skylights, flashing, metal valleys and any other soft metal on the roof.
  • Ridges: Ridges are more susceptible to storm damage regardless of the direction from which the hailstorm came.
  • Shingles: Check not only the interior of an individual shingle, but also the edges where it is weak.
  • Gutters and siding: Storms are not biased, they can cause damage in all areas, and in most cases insurance will also cover replacement of these items.

Helping Customers with Roof Insurance Claims

It’s important to choose a professional contractor that has an in-depth knowledge of the claims process, what is covered, what is excluded, and how to help prevent you from spending more than your deductible out-of-pocket. You also want to be sure your roofing contractor is not a “storm chaser”, and has an established business in your area, and can provide references and a written guarantee. Gen 3 Roofing has a deep history in the construction trades and proudly represents three generations of ties to the Colorado roofing industry and serve all of Colorado.

Sometimes, storm damage can lead to cases where you will need to replace your entire roof. Depending on your insurance, a full roof repair may be covered. However, your insurance company will only cover the claim if you can prove that a storm is what caused the damage. Our team of roofing experts will conduct a thorough roofing inspection on your residential or commercial property, determine the severity of the damage, and work with your insurance company to get you the maximum benefits.

We will not just provide you with the information you need to file your claim, but we’ll also provide you with an estimate for our services and an estimate for the lifespan of your roof. We service the entire state of Colorado and Arizona for commercial and residential roofing.

We have extensive experience in identifying and fixing storm-damaged roofs and will also make sure that everything on your insurance claim is clearly and specifically identified as legitimate hail damage, so that you’re protected against insurance fraud and its heavy penalties.

If you suspect your roof may have been damaged contact us today. The roofing professionals at Gen 3 Roofing have the experience and expertise to provide you with a comprehensive inspection both inside and out. Schedule your no cost, no obligation roof inspection today or give Gen 3 Roofing a call for more information at 303-923-5039.