Lack of frost on your roof can be an issue, a sign that you have a problem. As you look around your neighborhood you may notice some roofs have frost and some do not. What does it mean? The following information will help you understand this topic and what a lack frost on your roof might mean.

The first factor to evaluate is if lack of frost is due to the roof itself and not from outside forces. If the morning sun directly hits your home and not your neighbors lack of frost may just be attributed to the sun’s heat. However, if nothing is different about your home compared to your neighbors you may have a problem.

Lack of Frost

The first factor to evaluate is if lack of frost is due to the roof itself and not from outside forces like the sun. If you notice your roof is frost-free, but your neighbor’s roof isn’t, the reasoning could be as simple as your roof’s exposure to the sun. If your roof is hit by the sun more directly in the morning than your neighbor’s, that could explain the lack of frost.

If you and your neighbor’s roofs are equally exposed to the sun and your roof doesn’t have frost when other homes do, than lack of  frost on your roof is an issue and you could have a problem including:

  • Inadequate insulation. Insufficient insulation causes heat to leak through the attic and melt the frost.  One of the signs this is happening is if the frost coverage is spotty. The clean, frost-free areas indicate spots where heat may be leaking.  These could be indicators of a substandard roofing or HVAC job.
  • Improper Ventilation. Proper ventilation is necessary for reducing moisture even in winter, so never cover any exhaust ports or vents.
  • Inefficient or Inconsistent heating. If your furnace is in need of an upgrade or tune-up you may see a lack of frost. This may cause you to increase the heat levels in your house, increasing energy consumption and heating costs.

What You Can Do

Instead of trying to remedy the issue on your own, enlist the help of a roofing contractor. Your contractor can look for problem areas that need repairs and can ensure there is proper insulation in your attic. Gen 3 Roofing is based in Centennial, CO with offices in Colorado and Arizona. We provide roofing services to residential and commercial clients. With an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, Gen 3 Roofing understands that your property is one of your most important investments and needs to be properly maintained, which is why we offer complimentary comprehensive inspections. Call us today at 303-923-5039 or visit our website to get on our calendar.