Roof replacement is one of the best investments for your home – but you probably have some questions about the process, this blog is about resolving frequently asked questions about new roofs with advice from expert roofing contractors. Gen 3 Roofing understands that your home, investment property, or commercial building is one of your largest investments and needs to be properly maintained to help ensure its value. Gen 3 Roofing doesn’t just want to install a new roof on your property, we want to become your long-term trusted consultant when it comes to your roof.

How Long Will A New Roof Last?

The average life span of a roof is about 20 years with regular maintenance. Certain types of roofing can last 30 years or longer including cement fiber, tile, slate and copper. In addition to the level of maintenance, weather, and original construction also play a part in a roof’s life span. It’s important to choose a contractor that guarantees their work. While most roofing contractors offer a 5-year workmanship warranty, Gen 3 Roofing is so confident in our workmanship that we offer a 7 year Industry Leading Workmanship Warranty in addition to the manufacturer’s warranty from only the finest roofing products manufacturers.

How Do I Choose The Right Contractor?

Once you decide you need a new roof, the most important decision you can make is your roofing contractor. Find a trusted roofing company to avoid harmful scams and get the most out of your money. A new roof isn’t a small investment – the right contractor can give you a pleasant, rewarding experience and a roof that will last for decades without any issues. Investigate the company. Determine if they use reputable manufacturers. Ensure they have a positive rating with the Better Business Bureau, proper licensing and insurance.

The roofing professionals at Gen 3 have the expertise to pinpoint minor, moderate, and extreme roof damage, and our proud of our a+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. The staff at Gen 3 Roofing will represent your interests during the insurance inspection process and facilitate any necessary paperwork with your insurance company.

Can A New Roof Be Installed During Winter Months?

There are no standard temperature guidelines for installing asphalt roof shingles although certain, materials can become brittle during colder months. An experienced roofing contractor will store materials properly and work with one bundle at a time. Gen 3 Roofing offers qualified roof installation and repair at any time for the year.

How Can I Prepare For My New Roof?

There are a few small steps you can take to ensure for a smooth process while your new roof is being installed.
• Remove vehicles from your garage.
• Cover or allow us to cover anything inside that can be damaged by falling debris
• Keep people and pets inside or away from work.
• Cover pools, hot tubs, ponds, or other water features.
• Do not run sprinklers the night before or during construction.

If you suspect you may need your roof replaced contact us today. The roofing professionals at Gen 3 Roofing have the experience and expertise to provide you with a comprehensive inspection both inside and out. Schedule your no cost, no obligation roof inspection today or give Gen 3 Roofing a call for more information at 303-923-5039.