A roof is more than just shingles.  The shingle surface is just one component in a system.  Even in Colorado’s dry climate, inadequate attic ventilation can lead to problems and excessively high utility expenses.  During the summer, attic ventilation can help prevent heat buildup and during the winter, attic ventilation can help prevent moisture buildup.  In fact, did you know that the average family of four generates 2 – 4 gallons of water vapor per day inside their home?  The experts at Gen 3 Roofing, as part of our consultation, can determine the amount of both intake and exhaust ventilation required for your home.  We can also make aesthetically pleasing product recommendations that will help keep your roof system healthy, your utility expenses lower, and preserve the curb appeal of your home.

For more information on balanced attic ventilation, click here to watch a 9:28 video from Air Vent Inc, a manufacturer of premier ventilation products.

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