When it comes to your roof, you want high-quality services from a roofing company you can trust. Needing roofing repairs can be daunting enough, but hiring a local roofing contractor will make the process easier. Here are some of the benefits you will likely experience when you hire a local roofing company. 

Licensed And Insured

Never hesitate to ask a roofing company if they are licensed and insured. Local companies should have the required and necessary licenses to operate in the state and country in which they operate. Local roofing companies should also be insured to cover workplace injuries or accidental property damage. 


Local roofing contractors are much easier to find, especially when you have a roofing emergency. Many out of state roofing companies swoop in after a bad hail storm and repair as many roofs as they can and then head to the next place hit by hail. In the event that something wasn’t installed correctly and you need the roofers to make repairs, there is a chance a company like this won’t be able to come back in a timely manner to correct any issues. 

Quick Response Times

Local roofing companies can respond to roofing emergencies much quicker due to their closer proximity. When severe weather strikes, you want someone local who can accurately assess the damage, and quickly. Allowing damage to sit for too long can result in leaks that end up being much more expensive down the road. Even if a local roofing company isn’t able to fully repair the damage immediately, they can provide a temporary fix to minimize damage and come back at a later date to do a full repair. 

Local Knowledge

Local roofing companies will be familiar with the local building codes, ensuring that all roofing will be compliant. Out-of-town contractors often overlook local requirements, which could cost you more money down the road. Local roofing companies might also be on alert when severe weather is coming or has already hit the area. They may be able to deploy additional contractors to survey damages quicker than a non-local company who is not aware of the weather in your area. 

Personalized Care

Each and every home is unique and deserves to be cared for by the contractor who is working on it. Local roofing contractors tend to be better at providing the kind of personal attention you want and need. A local roofing company will also be able to communicate with clients easier. They can help you understand the roofing process, so you feel more comfortable throughout the whole process. 

They Are Part Of The Community

Local roofing companies that are part of the community are more likely to create an excellent customer experience versus out-of-town roofing companies. Word of mouth can travel fast, and if a local roofing company doesn’t live up to customer service expectations, it can create a poor image of their company. Local roofing companies also give back to their community and often participate in local non-profits and charities. 

Call Gen 3 Roofing 

For a Centennial, CO area roofing company that you can trust, call Gen 3 Roofing. Founded by two Colorado natives, Gen 3 has a deep, rich history in the construction trades and boasts three generations of ties to the Colorado roofing industry. If you need local roofing services throughout all of Colorado, contact us today.