If you need to hire a roofing company, you may already be feeling overwhelmed and stressed about how to choose the right roofing contractors. There are often so many options to choose from, but it can feel difficult to know which one is the best choice. Take a look at these tips for hiring a roofing company. 

Hire Local Roofing Contractors

Traveling roofing contractors commonly come in from out-of-state to areas that were recently hit with severe weather, such as a hail storm, and stick around long enough to fix as many roofs as they can, and then they travel to the next town. Not to say these companies can’t be trusted, but hiring someone who doesn’t permanently do work in that area leaves you vulnerable to sub-par work that may not be following local codes and regulations. If something wasn’t done correctly, it might be challenging to get that roofing company to come back and correct it when they have already moved on to the next town. A local roofing company will know your area’s regulations and laws and will be around if you need them to correct something after the job was completed. 

Visit Their Website

A legitimate roofing company should have a professional website. A good website doesn’t mean they are a good contractor, but most respectable roofing companies do have a website. It should have information about their company, the services they provide, their location, and maybe even their company history. The website should also direct you to a way to reach them, whether it is an online contact form you can fill out or simply a phone number or email address. 

Read Online Reviews

How is the roofing company rated online? It is recommended to look into what people are saying about the quality of the service on websites like Google, Yelp, and Angie’s List. This will allow you to read real feedback from past customers. And remember, if the company doesn’t have a perfect 5-start rating, that doesn’t mean they aren’t worth considering. Read the positive reviews and any negative feedback and use your best judgment on whether those negative reviews are reasonable or maybe that customer had unreasonable expectations. 

Ask About Guarantees And Warranties

Don’t be afraid to inquire about the roofing warranties or any guarantees the roofing company provides. At a minimum, the installation and materials themselves should come with a clear and comprehensive warranty, and you will want to know the term and conditions of that warranty and what is and isn’t covered under it. 


Compare Your Options

Don’t give in to a roofing company that pressures you into signing a contract before you’re confident they’re the right company for the job. If you don’t have a roofing emergency and you have the time to spend comparing different roofing companies, you should. Contact a few of the most reputable companies in your area and talk with them. Get a few references from past customers and get a price quote for how much the roofing project will cost and what the timeline is. Once you have collected all of this information, sit down and compare them. Remember, just because one company is the cheapest doesn’t mean it is the right choice. 

Hire Gen 3 Roofing

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