A roofing project can be a considerable investment, so it’s essential to find a company that you can trust to get the job done on time and on budget. We recommend comparing a few different roofing companies and asking some specific questions. Here are some of the ways you can compare roofing companies and find the right fit for your project. 

Choose someone licensed and insured

Don’t hesitate to ask if a roofing contractor is licensed and insured. It is not uncommon for them to show potential clients a copy of their current certifications. This is for your own good as a homeowner or business owner. If a roofing company is not adequately covered, any injury that occurs on your property could fall back on you. The last thing you want to deal with is an unfinished roof AND being dragged into litigation with an uninsured roofing company.  

Look at past work

Which company has the best reputation in the area? A roofing company with a proven track record will willingly have testimonials available and will often have past clients who you can call and talk with to find out whether or not they were satisfied. Check websites like Google and Yelp for reviews from real-life customers, too. We also recommend looking up each company’s rating on the Better Business Bureau’s website to see how they compare. 

Compare estimates

Each company you consider should be willing to give you a detailed, written proposal that outlines the work to be completed and the price. It should include descriptions of the work, specifications, an approximate start and completion date, as well as payment procedures. Keep in mind; if something sounds too good to be true, it might be. Having a healthy skepticism about the lowest bid could prevent you from choosing the company that will do sub-par work. Remember, you get what you pay for.

Check on warranties and guarantees

The materials and the installation itself should come with a warranty that is clear and comprehensive. Ask about the terms and conditions of the warranties as well as what is not covered. Without a warranty, you could risk being financially responsible for any materials that don’t last as expected or if part of the roofing job was not completed properly. Ask if the warranty covers repairs, labor, materials, or more, and get it in writing. 

Ask how they will protect your landscaping during a project

Often this question is an afterthought that homeowners have once its already too late. But if you’ve spent a pretty penny on making your yard look beautiful, you won’t want a roofing company to come in and tear it up. Ask questions about where bad plywood and old shingles will end up being tossed or where they will set their ladders. Will they take care not to stomp all over the shrubs and flowers you worked hard to cultivate? Keep in mind, accidents do happen, so ask them what steps they take if a roofer does unintentionally damage your landscaping. 

Choose someone local

It is not an uncommon practice for out-of-state roofing companies to arrive in an area that was just hit with a hail storm and try to get as many contracts as they can handle, finish the work, and then head to the next town. We’re not saying that those companies can’t be trusted, but when they’re not local, you run the risk of ending up with a sub-par roofing job that might not follow the local laws and regulations. What if something wasn’t installed correctly and you need the roofers to come back and fix it? If the company isn’t local, there is a chance they may not be able to come back to make it right before the problem gets worse or the warranty runs out.

Take your time

Don’t allow a roofing company to pressure you into signing a contract before you’re sure that you want to hire them. Take the time you need to compare different options. If one company is trying to rush you into signing something, maybe they’re not the right choice for you. 

Roofers You Can Trust

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