It happens.  And it is maddening.  In fact, it happened just last week.  That call.  You can hear the stress in his or her voice.  The homeowner who signed a contract that was slid across the table by a high pressure salesman working for a roofing contractor.  And it’s not just that they signed the contract.  It’s that their insurance company will only cover a small portion of the contract amount and now they have to come out of pocket with THOUSANDS of dollars to make up the difference.  And it could have been prevented by calling Gen 3 Roofing first.  We work with all insurance companies and it is a coordinated effort between the homeowner, the homeowner’s insurance company, and Gen 3 Roofing to ensure that the proper project scope is established and that the work is completed in conformance with local codes and to the highest level of quality.  Don’t be the homeowner who has to come out of pocket with THOUSANDS of dollars unnecessarily.  Call Gen 3 Roofing today at (303) 923-5039.

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